Writing & Editing Services offered by KLE

We have a Business Department that offers corporate writing services that provide: business profiles, corporate documents, and business plans. If you are looking to organize your company or take your ideas to a written plan, consider us. We are an experienced business plan writing company and have the ability to furnish a capability statement that is just right for your business. Don’t try to get along without them, let us help you get them done.

Some of our previous writing projects include: Capability Statements, Business Plans, Business Profiles, Business Proposals, official and unofficial letters, PowerPoints (decks), One Sheets, Articles, and Social Media Post/Blogs.

If you are looking for a content writer for an upcoming project, please click here!

Ghostwriting is a service that we offer for creating books, e-books, plays, films, and TV shows. Krystal Lee has written projects that have been featured on television, commercials, plays, books, articles and more. If you are interested in finding the right writer to help you write out the ideas, concepts, or vision in your head, contact us today! The first step is we talk to you about your project, you can hear our ideas, and we see if we are a great match. There is no harm in reserving your free consultation that could be the only step to taking your idea from a dream to a reality! Click here to get started!

Editing is a service that we offer for any kind of work. If you are in need of a second pair of professional eyes to look over your book, e-book, proposal, or other document please click here to get started!