The Lesson

The Lesson curriculum was created by Certified Life Coach Krystal Lee. Partnered with TUG Outreach Inc. and Changing Faces Inc. working with Bold Ministries, Philmore Girls Academy, Leading Ladies of Atlanta, Helping Hands, and More Program Host like you!

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The Lesson is a youth leadership, life coaching, career mentoring, and anti-bullying program. In addition, our program discusses personal development, career exploration, financial literacy, provides hands on training, as well as builds social skills. Our participants have an interest in STEAM/STEM and Career Interest in: Financial, Social, Political, Technical, Culinary, Construction, Engineering, Justice, Health, Entertainment, Business, Science, Divinity, and More fields. Our goal is to encourage participants to have an interest in serving in social jobs/positions, build skills interest in STEAM/STEM related fields, help participants treasure giving back to their communities, and teach financial literacy.

We believe every child has a talent and an ability to excel. Our goal and passion is to help the youth succeed!

We understand with school budget cuts, financial strain on parents, and limited resources, many students are missing out on quality years to develop their interest, gifts, talents, and abilities.  Parents, schools, communities, and the youth are looking for vocational options for their children, KLE can help! We provide an interactive program that grows with the student and assist them accomplish their goals time after time. If we can capture these young minds now, we can reduce bullying, lack of respect for authority, help participants find their passion, as well as develop necessary life, social, personal, and career skills. The next generation will only be as great as we enable them to be! There would be way more child wunderkinds if more students could get hands on sooner!

Licensed coaches and certified specialist with the support of trained instructors facilitate our curriculum.

Our 90 minute presentation is designed to suit various group sizes. All students receive The Lesson: Personal Development book, 10 weeks of online courses, The Lesson Gift Pack, inclusion in the published book The Lesson: Spotlight, and TV series! We also provide pictures, video, and social media post to the Program Host! In addition, all Program Host will receive 40% of proceeds from the Book profits, Students receive 30%, and Program Host will be included in the Netflix/Hulu/Amazon/TUG Programming!

KLE: “We Coach to Greatness!”

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We ask that all companies consider sponsoring a group for $2,500  (20 participants) or a participant for $125 because when you sponsor, you are being a part of the Solution! In addition, your company and or ministry will receive a 501 C3 tax credit from the program, school, or non-profit you sponsor. You also give an opportunity for a group of young people to get positive re-enforcement, coaching by certified and licensed professionals, to insure they have the right tools to accomplish their goals. You will also receive a free edited video, a Social Media Post, and have Sponsorship Placement in either the Book/E-Book and/or Video Project(s). Our books/e-books are published to 39,000 locations worldwide and are listed with the US Library System. Our video projects can be listed with TUG Network and/or Netflix, Hulu, Redbox, Amazon, etc.!

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