Term of Agreement:
a. Terms of agreement for publishing and promotion services purchased from Krystal Lee Enterprises LLC are bound by these terms of agreement. Services can be purchased online via the website www.KLEPUB.com, in person, via direct invoice, and by furnishing payment on PayPal or Square. Krystal Lee Enterprises has a right to refuse services to projects that contain sensitive subjects that are not appropriate to our dedicated consumer base. Books or audio books that contain large amounts of profanity, sexual or illicit content, pornography, or undesirable content to be associated with our brand will be rejected; and appropriate refunds issued. All projects are assessed a $25 fee and the balance is issued as a refund on works rejected. Payment of funds do not guarantee acceptance for services to be rendered. Upon acceptance of your project, your deposit, next steps would follow items “b” through “o”.

b. This contract states that the deposit is due to start and schedule your project. The deposit is non-refundable and will be available for a calendar year. If the project has not yet been scheduled, or started, and/or is cancelled within 7 days of start a refund can be issued for the deposit minus $25 or billable hours; whichever is higher. There are two options for payment, payment in full or 2 payments. The project is completed in three phases: 1 Receive information and schedule chapters, 2. Write chapters and receive edits. 3. Create cover, copyright the manuscript, register ISBN, publish the book. Prints are not included and are at an additional price per unit. The total price and statement of works for this engagement is based on which option you select. This engagement is for 45 to 75 days; longer time periods maybe necessary based on payment schedule and work flow. Upon receipt of the deposit, an outline, of important dates, events, and deadlines will be outlined and sent within 5 business days. KLE will manage the project to completion and insure any needed details are covered and completed to stay on schedule.

c. Audio books are distributed through our audio partner Nimbus Universal Records. Audio book files can be submitted already recorded, mixed, and mastered. When we distribute your audio book, we are entitled to 20% of sales. If you have Option 4, the 20% would be withdrawn and the 20/80 split would be from the balance. Our promotional offer includes us getting the author featured in books, magazines, radio, television, web shows, and blogs. This service is extended free when the client is selling 250 copies or more per week.

d. If you prefer a voiceover talent to record your audio book, we provide studio time, voice over talent (both male and female voices available), and also editing included in the price. The price starts at $350 per 100 (or less) pages. When we distribute your audio book, we are entitled to 25% of sales. If you have Option 4, the 25% will be withdrawn and the 20/80 split would be from the balance. Our promotional offer includes us getting the author featured in books, magazines, radio, television, web shows, and blogs. This service is extended when the client is selling 250 copies or more per week.

e. PayPal links are issued quarterly from Krystal Lee Enterprises to the client for books, audio books, and items sold. These links are issued on accounts that have a balance larger than $10. If balance is not greater than $10, balance is rolled over to the next month and continues until balance reaches $10 for the link to be issued. Links are sent to emails on file. Monthly and/or Quarterly reports will be released that track all sales and a summary will be submitted with recommendations based on analytics and data provided by merchants; that’s verified by the printer.

f. Books are assessed a $2 fee and E-books a $1 to track shipping, provide customer service support, and enables us to review your account and provide marketing and promotion advice to the client to continue to drive sales and increase awareness. This fee is included in the book purchase price and no additional fees are required for book management and customer service. This service is different from our promotional options, because with this service we provide you with the information, with the promotional options, we do the work during the time allotted to service the account.

g. Accounting Instructions: Please make your payments payable via debit or credit card payable to Krystal Lee Enterprises LLC (KLE LLC). Payments will appear on your statement as “Krystal Lee” or “KL Enterprises LLC.” A receipt will be emailed to you to confirm acceptance and for your records from KrystalLeeEnterprises@Gmail.com or supplied via PayPal/Square.

h. Acceptable methods of payment: Debit, Credit Card, and Direct Deposit. We do accept Debit and Credit Card Payments but there is a 4% processing fee assessed per transaction.

i. This contract states the work that will be performed and any changes to this contract will be recorded in writing. All services are subject to adherence to the payment schedule listed above. If deadlines are missed, it will affect services offered to where dates, services, and publication can be interrupted, delayed, or cancelled. There are no make goods for missed deadlines due to a lack of funds; new dates will have to be established that me incur additional cost.

j. In the event the Client is rightfully unsatisfied with work performed, Krystal Lee Enterprises will make every effort to correct the situation to the Client’s liking or within reason. Should the problem remain unresolved, the Client will receive compensation to Krystal Lee Enterprises’ discretion. Monies returned will not exceed 25 percent of the amount paid to Krystal Lee Enterprises for contracted work no matter the efforts taking by the Client for refund. Parties also agree to avoid any court proceedings and agree to attend mediation/arbitration in the state of Georgia and in the County of Rockdale.

k. You will have a personal landing page on our site where readers can purchase your books directly from you! Books purchased direct will not be assessed a store percentage of 30% like Amazon and others charge. It will only be the cost of the product and any percentage splits outlined for ghostwriting or other services “e.”

l. Stores like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Mac Books, and the other 39,000 locations all charge 30 to 40% to have your book listed in their store. This fee and the cost of printing your book is subtracted from monies paid. The balance after store expense, printing of the book, will be sent to KLE, who will then send payment to authors. Authors can anticipate making 50% of the listed price after fees and print cost are deducted on average.

m. For products (books, e-books, audio books, other) that are sold on the KLE Pub store we recommend they be offered at 5 to 10% off. All products sold on the KLE Pub store are accessed a 7.5% fee at checkout, and a flat shipping fee of $4 for domestic orders and $6 for international products. E-books and other digital files are charged $1 and 7.5% tax. The author/artist is responsible for tracking and paying all taxes on products sold and monies earned.

n. All purchasers agree to receive updates and publications on new books and/or products from KLE Publishing and affiliate companies.

o. Authors By clicking the “buy now” button and following through with payment, you agree that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement.