Our partners and we believe every woman can be a Superwoman and as such deserves to be celebrated. These women are high achievers, take care of their families, work at companies contributing value, support the community, and some serve or have served our country. The elite women that have served in the arm forces, in our correction system, police department or fire department should hold a special honor.

These women often times have left their families in order to train, serve, and protect the liberties of our nation. They were willing to give precious years of their lives to insure we have the quality of life every citizen in America can choose to receive. There is no doubt, these woman could have made other choices with their lives and used their talents in other ways. The fact, they sacrificed for us and that should warrant a reasonable thank you from our nation.

A Sheroes Salute is a special acknowledgment of these brave and incredible women that without hesitation gave their best to serve this nation.

It is now our turn to serve them!

We provide coaching services in an effective way to improve the lives of women. This program is designed to work with Veteran services. We bring together experience professionals, needed services, and create partnerships that benefit the women we serve long after their interaction with us.

Patrons of our services don’t have to travel because we come to them! Our mobile office is a mobile trailer, equipped with a truck to pull the load, and a passenger vehicle to pick up honorees and personnel from their homes/location. A Sheroes Salute is a 2 to 3 hour session that services 5 women at a time. This pampering session includes providing personal care, pampering, image consulting, as well as coaching services for home, family, health, wealth, and establishing a legacy.

Our program honors women that have served in the Military, Police Department, Fire Department, or similar agency. Women that are the spouse of a Veteran are also welcomed to receive A Sheroes Salute!

If you want to give money and/or time please get involved. Our goal is to service at least 5 women monthly starting in the Spring of 2017! If you want to GIVE financial support, click below! If you want to give your time, please fill out the form also below!

All givers will receive a tax write off for monies and/or time donated as well as a special gift from us to You! Whatever you choose to do, please get involved!