The Lesson: Personal Develoment


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…Sets the foundation for your teen to become familiar with themselves, master the basics for independence, and lower their risk to becoming a bully. This installment to The Lesson series is all about personal development and exploration. Learning that you are a natural born leader, you can choose who and what you want to become, and you are in control of your life, is the backbone of this installment. Confident teens are lest likely to bully others because they are busy managing themselves. Read this friendly, funny guide for how your teen can steer their life in the right direction! Don’t skip this book, get it, read it, pass The Lesson, and remember to get involved on the App!

Every book sold supports “The Lesson Program,” a youth mentoring and anti-bullying program with TUG Outreach. Learn more and donate at

Encouraging, Motivating, Inspirational

Authored by: Licensed International Transformational Life Coach Krystal Lee (K.Lee)