We live in a world where life has many of us believing we can have our cake and eat it too! In years previous the statement was made that the two can’t be done; but now people say it with a giggle and that’s their expectation. To not be able to eat the cake that you make, may feel like you are cheating yourself. So we find many with uncontrollable weight problems, life problems, social problems, and romantic problems.

This concept does not just plague our eating habits but curb our life experiences. If you believe everything you have is yours, the concept I am my brothers keeper is foreign and many are like Cain. Am I supposed to care for my brother? Why? He/she is able to work, go to school, have parents that provide, is it my fault that they didn’t make better choices?

The short answer “no” it’s not, but that problem will impact your family with the longer you live. The more time spent on earth one will recognize if you keep bread from the people in the valley, sooner or later, they will visit your vineyard. These people will take what they don’t have not to be cruel, but to survive. So if one can make better decisions that can impact their lives for the better, and help others in the process do it. Deny the ecstasy that only pleases self.

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