Dr. W. Michael Turner Jr.

Dr. W. Michael Turner Jr. was previously a college professor and is a growing book author passionate about advancing the Kingdom of God. He authors books on praise, worship, the arts, and discipleship. In addition to writing books, Dr. Turner Jr. is an established playwright with 5 theater productions, written and performed. His plays include, A Fool’s Philosophy of Life, Mama NoNo, Love Never Fail’s, Freedom Ring, and Broken Pieces.

Dr. Turner Jr. is also a well known musical artist, signed to a publishing and recording deal with the Harmony Harmoneers. The acapella gospel group has performed domestically and international. The group to-date, has traveled more than 20 countries. Countries where you can find them frequently is Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, West Africa, Norway, and France. The group has 4 albums available for retail with projects being added.

Dr. Turner Jr. resides in the Atlanta Metro area where he is senior pastor of Kingdom of God Ministries International. Kingdom of God Ministries International (KOGM) is headquartered in Atlanta, but has locations in Trinidad, and Tobago.  The mission of KOGM is to train up disciples for Jesus Christ in all Nations. The vision is similar, to witness to the masses and provide opportunities for believers to become thoroughly equipped in scripture, dance, drama, music, and prophetic ministries. Dr. Turner Jr. is the son of the late Deacon Willie M. and Marietta Turner, a father, and the husband to Pastor Julia Turner. Get the latest book from Dr. W. Michael Turner Jr below.

The State of the Church is a must read for clergy and person’s that realize or are immune to the culture shift in the church. This book by Dr. W. Michael Turner Jr. highlights key points that are impacting and stunting the growth of the church. Unless we realize the needed changes, we can’t make the adjustments. When you get a copy of this book, you will discover problems, hidden agendas, false doctrine, and biblical truth. I encourage you to read this scripture rich text and apply the TRUTH to your life and church.

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