Coaching Terms of Agreement

Coaching Services Agreement for Services Offered by Krystal Lee Enterprises (KLE)


I am glad that we have symmetry and are starting a journey together. This is the first step to getting the help you deserve to achieve your desired goal. To insure our expectations are met through the course of our engagement, here is what we are each agreeing to do.


Terms: When you become a Client, your information is kept confidential to the extent that the Law provides. I am your accountability partner and my goal is to insure we stay on track for you to reach your goal. Likewise, I need you to be committed to our journey. I am trusting that assignments given will be completed in a timely manner; that this partnership is one that you agree has value and we will not waste each other’s time. If you at any time need to reach me, you are able to reach out to me via email and you will get a response Monday through Friday within 1 to 2 business days.


A Project goal or goals are scheduled during a segment. A segment can last 4 to 12 weeks or longer. All segments must be approved in writing and digitally signed by the Client. When you sign a segment agreement you are agreeing to pay for services, terms, cancellation policy, and etc.


Cancellation Policy: All payments for coaching sessions are paid in full at least a business day prior to your schedule session via a Square Payment link to your email address. If payment is not received, or if you cancel with less than 1 business day notice, a $37 cancellation fee is assessed and Krystal cancel’s your appointment. Services will be disrupted if there is a previous balance, to continue services, your account must be brought current.


End Services: If you have to cancel or postpone services for a period of time or indefinitely for any reason, you may do so by canceling all appointments. All future appointments set out for more than one business day will be canceled with no future payments owed. For all appointments canceled with less than 1 business day, will be assessed a $37 cancellation fee as stated above. You may continue your segment where you left off for the next 30 days as availability permits.


The Flow of Your Session: 1. Each session will consist of a select array of questions. 2. These questions will be asked during the call and we will work through the answers. 3. Upon talking through the points, I will take notes and frequently my phone is on mute. While my line is on mute, there will be no sound coming from my line to be sure I hear everything you are saying and expressing. 4. After the session, I will recap with discussion points and statements expressed on the call to generate our next steps. 5. Each call will have a simple call to action for you to complete during the week to help move you in the right direction. 6. Ideally, we will have a follow up call midway through the week to discuss your progress. At the top of the next meeting we will discuss your answers and progress and proceed with steps 1-6.